12 Southwest Florida Content Creators Who Are Pretty Much Killing It On Instagram

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October 1, 2018
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Content creating is not an easy task and I hope no one ever claims that it is.  Since moving to South West Florida, I’ve met some amazing content creators who have been killing it on Instagram.

Of course there are so many amazing Instagrams from this area and this list won’t cover everyone, there’s no particular order, but here are some that will get you inspired and wanting to come back for more.

1. Jess Ruiz | @contourqueen21 

Jess’ goal is to slay everyday and girl, that’s exactly what she is doing.  Her vibe is only fabulous but she is so down to her earth.  If you are in need of fashion and makeup tips, Jess is your girl.

2. Tinsley Erin | @tinsleyerin 

Um… hello, why wouldn’t you like her? Tinsley’s style is always on point with her elegant outfits and her flawless makeup.  Not only is she a beautiful model, she is also a professional makeup artist. When you’re in need of makeup tips, Tinsley is your babe!

3. Tara | @tarametblog

Would you ever guest that she’s a mom to two boys? Oh wait! They are also twin boys? That doesn’t stop her from not only being an amazing mom but from traveling the world and sharing fashion tips on her IG and her blog. Not only is she killing it in the bloggers scene, she is also coming out with a new book soon.  Be on the look out for that!

4. J. A Z A E L | @itsmysocialdiary

Men do not get enough recognition in this industry but  J. A Z A E L is paving the way for male content creators.  If you are looking to be jealous of someone’s jet setting life, that is J. A Z A E L. His amazing taste for style and love for travel makes you want to book your next trip in a heart beat.

5. Ilda Hobert | @ildahobert

Ilda’s colorful feed gives you the motivation to walk out the door looking cute.  She’s a mom to the most adorable baby girl who also makes a debut on the feed once and a while.  Ilda’s IG stories are the ones to watch because she will let you know on the best places to get your next outfit and gives you behind the scenes of her life.

6. Sivys Almeida | @Sivyv

This fellow #girlboss is rocking the SWFL runway with her new line LS Moda. Her new line has a mixture of chic pieces to perfect sunny weather sundresses.  Sivys feed is also filled with her beautiful daughter and her passion for fashion.

7. Piper Arielle | @piperarielle 

This girl does it all.  She’s a model,  a professional photographer and is killing it in the flat lay game.  Piper’s feed is filled with whimsical beautiful photos and will make you want to lay in a pile of flowers.

8. Natalie Engelbrecht | @natalie.engelbrecht

When you head to Natalie’s page, you will just want to say, “YASSS QUEEN.” Her page is light, flawless and has the best classic looks that will never go out of style.

9. Yadira | @thebellafashionista

#boymom! Highlight makeup on point, outfits are on point, basically everything is on point.  She has a beautiful mixture of day and night looks which will want to shop her feed all day everyday.

10. Christine Marie | @itschristinemarie 

#bossbabealert! Christine just launched her new line Joey Lee Collection. She has such an attention to details with her products and offer items that are unique, trendy, and great quality.  She also shares her journey as a #girlboss on her stories and makes you want to be her best friend.  Christine has warm personality but girl, she’s not afraid to tell you like it is.  If you want an honest opinion, @itschristinemarie.

11. Ashleigh Harrison | @ashleighrharrison

Ashleigh has a love for supporting small.  She post photos of her favorite outfits she finds from local boutiques around Ft. Myers.  Not only does she supports local business, she is also a go to for makeup tips and tricks, which can be found of her YouTube page.

12.  Eli | @dashofblushdesigns

Eli has a love for home decor and event designing.  She can turn any dull room into an elegant space that will make you want to stay there forever.  She just recently designed a bloggers event featuring LS Moda and you will be seeing her designs pop up on many of the other SWFL content creators’ feed.

There’s also my feed, @simpleandprettyco that will always keep you up to date on events, favorite finds and anything simple and pretty that I think it worthy to share. We finally hit 14K and want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Of course, there’s so many more content creators that deserve to featured. Stay tuned for more SWFL Instagrams that are killing it in the near future.  In the mean time, take a moment to admire these content creators’ hard work and share your thoughts on their feeds!

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