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September 17, 2018
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September 28, 2018
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Okay, is it Story or Stories? I always get confused.

Recently, I have been trying to step up with my Instagram Story game.  Every day, I would constantly try to figure out how they were able to make these pretty stories.  Like always, let me give you the break down on why you should start making the shift to prettier stories.

Like I stated, I would wonder how these pretty stories were being made and honestly, it help me coming back for more.  Not only was I intrigue by how their stories looked but also the message they were trying to tell me.  I also kept coming back for more because I wasn’t bored.  I wouldn’t be so quick to flip to the next “slide” as I call them.

How to achieve a pretty story.

Download Canva  on your phone.  So simple! For those who do not know what Canva is, it is a website where you can create designs using already made templates.

I have only used Canva on my computer and when I downloaded the app version, there’s an option for you to create stories.  Full disclosure, not every design is not free but the ones that are in my opinion are better than the paid designs.

My advice is to play around with the designs.  You will be able to replace photos with your own, bring your own color scheme into the design to match with your brand and honestly reuse a majority of your templates.

Have fun with it!

Below an example of what I’ve made:

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