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I want more engagement on my stupid page! I hate the algorithm.

Like me, I’m sure that you’ve said the same exact thing about Instagram and looked up ways to improve your engagement on IG. I did last Fall and I learned about Instagram Engagement Pods.  The goal of this post is to give you my final thoughts on the subject and it’s up to you to make a choice to utilize the tool.

These days, I feel like it’s hard to tell the difference between a well engaged feeds vs. not.  Why is that? It’s because of Instagram Engagement Pods.  If you Instagram stalk like me, I’m sure you’ve noticed some feeds would go from 200 likes to maybe 1,000 likes then you’re left asking yourself, “HOW?”

If you see a page that receive a vast difference in likes, most likely they are using an Engagement Pod.  The best way to explain an engagement pod are a group of people who create a forum to tell each other when to like each other’s post.  The reason for this is because people are trying to “beat” the algorithm and if you get a mass amount of likes on a post at once, you have a higher chance being on the explore page.  Is it worth it?

My journey with the engagement pods kind of took me in this dark rabbit hole and it’s safe to say that I’m not going back.

Last Fall, I was introduced to these pods during my research because I was wondering how I could raise my engagement up since I was selling Maskcara Beauty…. still doing it btw, just not promoting it as much. I wanted sales so I decided to join a couple of pods.

The way you join is you can find them on Facebook and create a DM group or join apps like Whatsapp or Telegram to request to be part of a group.

In previous posts, you will see 1,000 likes plus but are they worth anything? In my opinion, nope. Many groups are set up where you have to follow the “creators” and you can never unfollow them or you will get kicked out.  Then you have to like posts 24hrs prior you posting your link.  If you have someone who post their link before you’re finished, at least in the Telegram app, you loose your place.  It’s a lot of interchanging between apps.  Not fun and takes a lot of time.

I would spend an average 3 hours a day liking other photos and yes, my engagement appeared to be up but I wasn’t making long lasting relationships with current and new followers.  You have the same people who are liking your photos but do they truly turn into sales? Isn’t that why we are all on Instagram? Who uses social media for personal use anymore? That’s for another day.

Here are some things that I noticed.  I stop growing followers! I was averaging about 1,000 new followers a month and using engagement pods made me stay at 12K for four months.

Instagram wasn’t fun anymore.  I felt like being part of engagement pods made me like photos that I typically wouldn’t like in the first place.  It wasn’t authentic and it made my page gravitated away from my business model.

When you are overly engaged, Instagram will pick up on that.  I wasn’t moving or naturally receiving real likes.  They were by real people but it wasn’t targeted anymore.  There are only a good few pods out there and half the time you are worried that you are going to get kicked out and banned.  If you end up getting kicked out, some groups will allow you to pay to reenter in the pod.

Most of these pods are trying to sell you on automatic services.  When you dig deep, you will noticed that the company who started the pod have a program to do the likes for you so that you don’t have to do the work or have provide you an option to pay for an admin post, which means you don’t have to like other people’s post and not get into trouble. Once again, you are not monetizing yourself.

Since I got off this kick, I felt like I had to rebuild my page back to where it use to be.  I have built more relationships by supporting others on more of an authentic way.  Yes, brands will love to see that you have many likes, but is that going to turn into real numbers for them?

I have been preaching quality over quantity. Hope this helps a little with making a decision on joining an engagement pod.

Stay tuned for another post about smaller engagement pods.

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