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August 21, 2018
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August 28, 2018
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All I want to do is scream from the top of my lungs because the first #SIPANDMINGLE event was so much fun.

I was asked: What is the number one misconception people have about your brand?

People think I’m only in it for the money and I create events to just take pretty pictures.


I’m going to give you guys the behind the scenes of what it takes to create an event.

Thank goodness I am getting help for the Naples Edition but up until now (besides the help of Tarametblog) it has been just me.  I don’t have a team of people working day and night to create an amazing event.

Anything Simple and Pretty Co. does, there is always a why.  I met Tara at an Ocean Prime event in the beginning of the summer and there was this instant connection.  If it wasn’t for that event, I would have never met someone who just “gets” me.  She has experience and has amazing guidance but I also offer her something as well.  My overthinking skills.


In the blogging world, it can be a little lonely at time.  Everyone is trying to do the same thing and it can become competition.  Don’t worry, we all do it.  We want to beat someone else or do better.  It’s human nature.  That can create a rift and you end up being alone.

I wanted to create a place where people can meet other like minded babes but also help a local business.  When you create relationships, everyone should win.

Going back to my friendship with Tara.  If it wasn’t for the Ocean Prime event, I would have not found a wonderful friend and share my experience with my followers.

Stay tuned for the next blog post about the ins and out of what it took to host the #SIPANDMINGLE event.

For all of the Naples Babes, guess what? #SIPANDMINGLE is coming to you on October 9,2018 and Pre-Sale tickets are on sale now.  Head over to purchase your ticket now.


Photos by @audranicole_photography 


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