Summer Is Way Too Hot To Look Cute… Or Is It?

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July 26, 2018
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July 27, 2018
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Welcome to my first RECAP FRIDAY.  Every week, I am going to write about my favorites and place it here in a cute little package so that I can make your shopping experience a little easier.

Let’s first talk about the weather we are having in Florida! IT IS HOT!!! We haven’t had as much rain to cool us off during the day and the temperatures are sky rocketing! It feels like anything you wear or do, isn’t worth it.

Since it’s illegal to go to Happy Hour naked and it would just be weird to be naked before getting to Happy Hour, I decided to wear my adorable Robin Romper from Rize Boutique.

At first glance, it looks like a dress but it’s a wrap romper.  Super cute and a great piece to transition to the Fall (Florida friends).


My second favorite thing is Happy Hour.  This week, I went to The Bevy in Naples and enjoyed a few cocktails.  They have a really great selection of beverages and small bites but you have to get there early! Their Happy Hour is from 3-5pm.

Once you get inside, you enter into a rustic and modern setting.  You are surrounded by greens but it’s balanced with beautiful clean future.

I personally tried the Pain Killer and one is enough.  Two, you will have a great time!

Here are the links to all of my favorites so that you can learn more:

Rize Boutique 

Robin Romper

The Bevy 


Mandy Nicole

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