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August 20, 2018
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Let’s talk about my background.  When I went to college, I wanted to get my degree in Communication and get a job with an awesome Ad agency.  It was a dark time and I watched everything go south with the economy.  I got scared.  I played it safe.  I changed my major to Education because I thought it was would be easy and I would be guaranteed a job after college.

I look back and think, thank goodness for my fear because without it, I would not be here today.

After college, I got a teaching job.  I have horror stories but I would never take back the five years of teaching.  Although I was the one who was teaching others, I ended up learning so much about myself.

Simple and Pretty Co. was going through a little bit of an identify crisis this summer because I wasn’t sure the direction I wanted to take my brand.  After long hours, I have figured out how I would define my brand.

I am a teacher at heart and will always be a teacher.

Simple and Pretty Co. started as a jewelry brand and when I left Instagram for three months, I only lost about 1,000 followers.  When I came back to Instagram, I realized that people stayed as followers because I created a brand not a company.

The past 6 months, I have been hosting workshops and taking on coaching clients on how to build their own brands.

Why don’t I just do it for people? I’m not a social media manager.

In my opinion, I believe that building a brand means that you use your voice, tell a story and be consistent.  In order for a brand to survive, it is up to the person to find their passion and figure out what works best for them.  If Simple and Pretty Co. does it for you, the relationships you are trying to build with future clients wont be authentic.

Why am I creating this blog post?

I think it’s important for future clients or anyone who is associated with Simple and Pretty Co. to understand what the brand does for other people.  I create help others find their voice and teach them how to use social media to tell their stories.  Every person and brand is different.  When I create a coaching cycle for a person, I analyze what the brand needs.  Sometimes a brand needs to work on content, building relationships or need guidance to get started.  When working with Simple and Pretty Co. I will create an action plan that is tailored to you.

Like I said, I won’t do the work for you.  When I create an action plan, the goal is to have you proficient in building your brand so that you will not need Simple and Pretty Co.

Are you ready for to build your brand? Let’s get started.


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