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October 3, 2018
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Yes, you read that right.  Coffee in a can! Made Coffee is a Sunshine State products that provides cold brew coffee in a can and have been a supporter of Simple and Pretty Co. from the beginning.

Taylor from Made Coffee is a fellow #girlboss and is killing it. She always makes the time to support other babes.  At Made Coffee, it’s a little different there because they have to focus on both operations, marketing and figure a way to balance both.  In my personal opinion, way harder than what I do.

When I started out, I hosted workshops in the St. Pete where both Made Coffee and Simple and Pretty Co. were born and I reached out to Taylor about providing their cold brew for a workshop.  The crazy thing is that even though her schedule is super insane, she still found the time to meet up with me and TALK TO ME! Talk about a A+ #girlboss.

Why am I telling you all of this? On Tuesday, Andy and I went up to Tampa to go celebrate Made Coffee’s Con Leche launch party.  Made Coffee just launched a new product called Con Leche and IT’S AMAZING! This is my honest opinion because I am a black coffee drinker.

It was inspired by their first account Bodega and is flavored, has milk and sugar, without the guilt.  It comes in three flavors: Traditional, Chai and Chocolate.

I’m sure you’re asking yourself, “Why would drive two hours away for an event?”

It’s because Taylor is the ultimate girl boss! She has a million of things to do but always makes sure that I feel supported in all of my business adventures when she can.  Not only are the people of this brand are amazing, it’s because the products are also amazing.  I personally just want to be associated with that.

Bottomline, life is going to get hectic when you’re building a brand.  The lesson we can learn from Taylor is that you are never too busy to support others.

Go support Made Coffee by heading to your nearest Publix to try out a Con Leche today.

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