Women Empowerment Is A Tricky Thing

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May 16, 2018
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May 18, 2018
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We live in the day of age that 2018 is all about empowering other women.  Although it is an amazing concept, I think women empowerment has becoming a tricky thing.  In my opinion, I believe that it has developed into a buzz statement and it is loosing it’s authenticity.

As a girl boss, I had to come up with a statement that would describe my brand and the word empower came up several times.

I want others to find empowerment within themselves through creating their own brands.  I thought this was a beautiful statement until I saw the pop culture/negative side of women empowerment.

I have been building social media for almost two years and I’ve always known that I wanted to help start ups create a social media presence using Instagram.  Of course, I’m not the only person who thought of this idea but there are other people who think they are the first.  This market has become saturated and frankly, there’s so many people who are doing this in a far faster rate than I can.  I also have a full tine job and trying to transition to make this into my full time career.  This has been a hard task and this has been time consuming and I’ve pushed myself beyond limits I didn’t know I could pass.  When I hear that other women are hesitant to attend a workshop because they feel workshops are a bunch of girls coming together to just take pretty pictures makes me frustrated.  This is why the phrase women empowerment has become tricky.

I had to define what women empowerment meant to me.  In my opinion, I believe it means to teach skills to other women that they can place in their tool box to help them reach their goals and feel confident in their decisions.  So pretty much being a bad ass.

When you are searching for something to help you to professionally grow, when you hear the women empowerment, always question it.

Will this workshop give me real information and will I be able to apply it and see growth?

When it comes to your own growth, it is okay to be picky.  You are worth it!

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