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How to Dress Like an Ancient Egyptian Warrior

The ancient Egyptian warrior Hatshepsut was considered a master of fashion, and her clothes were considered the ultimate piece of armour.

However, it turns out that she actually wore trousers!

Ancient Egyptians considered trousers a sign of weakness, and they often had to use them as a form of punishment.

This is where modern designers come in.

They can design trousers to look like the warrior’s trousers, but with modern fashion sensibilities.

And modern trousers can also look quite sexy.

Here’s how to dress like a modern-day warrior.

The Warrior’s Trousers Here are five classic trousers you can wear to battle: Classic Trouse Trouselined, knee-length trousers worn with a belt or short-sleeved shirt.

This pair of trousers are perfect for casual, casual-looking occasions.

They are usually worn with pants or a long-sleeve shirt.

Classic Shorts and Jeans Short, slim-fitting trousers worn for formal occasions, such as wedding ceremonies.

These trousers have a casual look but are suitable for formal wear.

Casual Shorts or Jeans These are classic trousers with a casual, laid-back look.

They may be worn with or without a shirt.

Casual Short or Long Trouses For more casual-like trousers, you can also wear a short-length or short jean with a long coat or vest.

They come in a variety of styles, from short to short and long to short.

You can also opt for short-to-long skirts with skirts, or just a simple skirt with a skirt.

For more formal wear, you may want to go with long trousers or skirts.

Trouser Pants Pants are another classic pair of jeans, with a slim cut and a classic style.

They’re often worn with trousers or a shirt, but also sometimes with a coat or sweater.

Trench Pants These are great for casual wear, as well as casual-style wear.

These pants are ideal for formal events.

They look like a pair of trench trousers, with short-shorts or short skirts, but are more suitable for a formal occasion.

Jeans For casual wear and casual casual-type wear, these jeans are ideal.

They have a classic, laid back look, but you can get more casual looks with shorter or longer trousers.

Dressy Dress Pants These pants have a relaxed look, and are perfect when you want to look formal and casual-ish.

They often come in longer lengths or with skirts.

Short Jeans And these jeans have a slightly casual look, while still being very formal.

They’ll go with any outfit.

Long Jeans This is another style that’s perfect for a casual or casual-esque look.

These jeans are often shorter, and with a slightly formal look.

Long Shorts And these pants are shorter than short jeans, and the longer the pants, the more formal they’ll be.

They go with many outfits.

Shorts For more relaxed-like wear, wear shorts.

These shorts have a slouchy cut, and have a modern look.

The slouch-cut jeans are also ideal for casual occasions.

Shirts For a more formal look, wear a shirt that’s a little longer than a skirt, or with a longer skirt.

If you’re looking for a traditional dress, check out our modern-style trousers.

They usually come in short lengths, or a short dress with a jacket.

If your outfit is a little more formal, you could also opt to wear a skirt with trousers.

To learn more about how to find the perfect outfit for any occasion, check our article, The Ultimate Guide to Shorts.

For a complete guide to modern-inspired clothing, check the infographic below.