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Why we’re not really sure what this is all about

It’s been five years since Sweet Pea debuted their new blend, but the boutique that brought it to the spotlight remains alive.

In a video posted to Instagram, the store proudly announced that it’s returning for its fifth anniversary.

“We’re back!

We’re back!” they announce.

“For five years now we’ve been working with the best wine and spirits producers and distributors in the world to bring you the best of what you love in the UK.”

The boutique, which opened in the same block as Sweet Peas in the fashionable Brixton area, is expected to have a full lineup of new releases for its grand opening. 

The news came just a few weeks after Sweet Pease, Sweet Peasel, and Sweet Peasy were all sold off to the highest bidder, as the retailer announced it was selling its UK assets to British-based retailer Shire. 

“We have taken on responsibility for the UK brand and are proud to say that our new brand will remain in the heart of the Brixton shopping precinct,” the boutique’s Twitter account announced.

“This means that we are relocating our stores to a brand new site in the Brixtone district, which is the ideal venue for our retail store.

We have also partnered with Shire and will continue to be a part of their brand.” 

In a blog post, Sweet Peach’s owners said that they are “excited to be back” in Brixton and have “a very good plan in place for the future.” 

“I know that the Brietons are one of the most vibrant, vibrant areas of London, and we’re excited to be coming back in 2018 with a new store,” the shop’s owners added. 

What are your thoughts on the Briety-Brie boutique?

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