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How to get the best fares on all airlines

An airline may offer you a discount, but you may find that it’s not the cheapest option, especially if you’re on a budget.

Here’s what you need to know to decide which airline is the best option for you.


How much is your fare?

Airlines usually price their fares online.

However, in India, a small number of airlines, including the country’s largest carrier Air India, offer discounted fares on the website.

You can find out more about these discounts in our guide to airlines in India.


How long does it take to book an airfare?

It depends on the carrier and the time of year.

In January and February, airfares tend to be cheaper, while March and April are cheaper.


What is the cheapest airline for travel between India and the US?

Airlines like Air India and Air India Plus are the cheapest options for travel from India to the US.

They can be booked by calling +91-2412222222 or +91(0)21-55774477.

For example, Air India is available from 10:00am to 3:00pm and Air Plus from 10.00am onwards.

Airlines like Aer Lingus and SpiceJet have similar prices, but they are not available for booking through their website.


What about domestic flights?

Domestic flights tend to cost more than international flights.

If you’re travelling to India on business or leisure, you may be able to book domestic flights on a private charter flight.


How do I book a hotel in India?

Hotels can be rented at a number of hotels in Delhi, Mumbai and other Indian cities, but usually they are booked by phone or online.

The cheapest hotel in Delhi is the Hotel Royal Delhi.

The hotel is usually reserved for about four nights a week, and you can book a room for two nights for about Rs 1,000.


What can I expect from hotels in India’s capital city?

Most Indian hotels offer a range of amenities and services.

Most of them also offer free Wi-Fi.


What are the airport services available in India now?

There are several airports in India that are now equipped with Wi-fi, so you can check out the services available for the airport here.


What do I do if my ticket is lost?

If your ticket is stolen, you can contact your airline by emailing [email protected]


What if my airline is not available?

If you get a cancellation letter from an airline that isn’t available, you will be asked to book a new ticket online, or send a letter to the airline’s corporate office in New Delhi.

If your airline cancels your ticket, you should call your airline’s customer service department.


What happens if my reservation is cancelled?

If the airline cancelments your reservation, you must get a new one within 24 hours.


What should I do in case of a lost ticket?

The best option is to contact the airline directly.

However it’s best to send a replacement ticket via email to the ticketing agent at your airline.


Can I contact an airline for advice?

The airline can also help you by providing you with travel information.

For travel advice, see our guide on how to find out if your airline is running a trip or service.


Do I have to book my flight in advance?


You do not have to buy your tickets in advance.

However the airline can help you book your flight through a portal.


What airlines do you serve?

There is no set rule for which airlines to fly with.

You may want to check the list of Indian airlines in our list of the world’s largest airlines.

For more airlines, check out our guide.


Do you accept online booking?

Yes, you do.

The best way to book online is to call +91242222222 or +9022-24222345.

You will then be asked for your credit card details and the details you want to book.

If the ticket you want is booked through a booking portal, the online reservation can be made by clicking the “Book online” button and the credit card information will be entered.


What types of tickets are available for reservation?

Ticket prices vary by airline.

You are usually required to book tickets for up to three people, and to have the airline send a receipt.

The maximum number of people that can be accommodated is limited by the airline.

For domestic flights, you are limited to four people, although a booking can be done for more than five people.

However you are usually able to get a ticket for a single person from the airport security desk.

For international flights, the maximum number is three, and if you book online, the booking can take up to two days.


What will happen if I cancel my reservation?

If an airline cancelces your reservation after you’ve booked it, the airline will send you a letter asking you