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Josie’s boutique in Glitzy Girlz boutique hit by a hail storm

Josie Jagger and her son, Kevin, are now the focus of an online backlash after their boutique in North America’s second-biggest city was hit by an unexpected hail storm.

The Jagger boutique, located in the city of New York, was hit and damaged by a bolt of lightning in New York City on Saturday morning.

It was the latest in a string of storm-related incidents across the U.S. and Canada in recent months.

In August, the Jagger family was among the first celebrities to be photographed by photographer Mike Groll, after the photographer’s son, Kyle, lost his father to the storm.

Kyle, who was photographed with a large white umbrella, was taken to New York Hospital, where he underwent emergency surgery for severe burns.

He was later released, but is now recovering at home in the U