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Joes to be at the heart of an all-new kids boutique set to open this spring in Chicago

Kids boutique Joes will be opening its first Chicago store on Monday in what is expected to be a massive overhaul of its online presence.

The chain, which has grown to more than 3,000 locations since 2011, plans to open at a shopping mall in South Shore, about two miles from the proposed Chicago mall.

“Joes is coming to Chicago,” company CEO Jim DePinho said Tuesday at the launch of a new digital shop.

“We’re coming to the city of Chicago.”

The new store will be the first of many stores Joes plans to expand in Chicago, a city of some 20 million people and the home of one of the nation’s biggest pop-culture conventions, Comic-Con.

The company also plans to add more stores in New York and Los Angeles.

Joes opened its first shop in Chicago in 2009, after expanding to New York City.

The brand now has about 2,400 locations around the world, including in Chicago.

The store will open at the Chicago Mall, which opened in 2015, according to the company.

It will also include a new store in the South Shore neighborhood of Rockford, which is a neighborhood with high concentrations of young black residents.

The Chicago store is one of two that Joes is opening.

The other is in New Jersey.

Joes has been eyeing Chicago for years.

The New York-based chain has plans to move some stores in the city, including one in the neighborhood of the Rockford store.

The Rockford location is part of a larger plan by the chain to open in the nation�s largest city.

Jos also plans a store in Milwaukee and another in the Chicago suburb of Rock Island.

In 2017, the company announced plans to begin selling its own apparel in the region.

The Chicago mall site is located in the middle of a revitalization of the city�s once-thriving downtown.

Joes hopes to open stores in both the malls and in some other areas in the future, according, DePiro.

It�s going to be the largest retail expansion in Chicago history, De Pinho said.

The chain has about 1,200 locations, including locations in California, California, Florida and the U.K.

Jones is planning to open an additional 350 stores by the end of the decade.