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How to make your own ‘beef’ in minutes

In a world where it takes a day to make a sandwich, there’s no excuse for eating out more than twice a week.

For many, it’s a necessity, and not just for the convenience of not having to be home with a huge bill.

But what if you could make a delicious, vegan burger at home?

And how?

With so many vegan burgers on the market, it seems like the perfect time to talk about how to make them.

But it can be hard to find the ingredients, so here are our top picks for vegan burger recipes, from vegan-friendly burgers to burgers that are full of flavour and flavour.1.

Baked tofu burger: A vegan-infused, protein-packed, crispy, fried tofu burger is all you need to know to make at home.

This burger is great on its own, but when paired with the sauce, it becomes an even better burger.

It’s like a tofu salad, but without the avocado.2.

A vegan tofu burger recipe: This is a very simple recipe, but it makes a great burger with no ingredients or preparation time.

Simply cook your tofu and add it to the burger and you’re done!3.

The super simple vegan burger recipe (with soy sauce and sriracha): You can find this recipe for a vegan burger on The Vegan Burger Cookbook.4.

A gluten-free vegan burger with vegan cheese: You can easily make this vegan burger in advance.

It makes a delicious and filling meal for a gluten-sensitive person.5.

A homemade vegan vegan burger: The recipe below is a quick, easy and delicious vegan burger that is ready to go in less than five minutes.

It also comes with a vegan cheese sauce.

This recipe was featured on Al Jazeera’s Foodie Kitchen show, The Vegan Kitchen.