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What are some of the hottest and best boutique hotels in the world?

Chicago-based boutique hotel and hotel designer Creed Boutique has released its 2017 Top 100 Luxury Hotels list, which is available to the public on its website.

The list, compiled by real estate analytics company Urban Luxury, ranks hotels in five major categories: location, amenities, quality, price, and services.

The list also includes some notable trends like a surge in new luxury hotels coming online in the past few years.

The company says that while many luxury hotels have been remodeled, many of the hotels that are currently under construction or in the planning stages are still in the early stages.

Here are the Top 100 luxury hotels in North America for 2017:1.

Luxury Hotel Cascais in Barcelona, Spain, with an estimated $1.5 million in rent per night2.

The Hotel Auberge de Paris in Paris, France, with a reported $2.6 million in rental3.

The Villa de las Artes in Madrid, Spain with a stated $2 million in rentals4.

The La Belle Époque in Paris with a confirmed $2,000,000 in rent5.

The Casa de las Indias in Santiago, Chile with a claimed $2 billion in rent6.

The Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida with a rumored $2bn in rent7.

The Residence at the Hotel Regent in Las Vegas with a said $2b in rent8.

The Grand Palais in Paris at a reported annual rental of $2m9.

The Lebron James Club at The Royal Palais with a $1,000 per night per room and an estimated monthly rent of $838,00010.

The Golden Palace in Beijing with a projected $2 trillion in rent11.

The Ritz Carlton in Beverly Hills, California with a reportedly $2-billion in rent12.

The Marriott Marquis in Orlando with a claim of $1 billion in rental13.

The Plaza hotel in Barcelona with a purported $1-billion rent14.

The Shangri-La Hotel in Shanghai with a source of the hotel’s estimated $2billion in annual rent15.

The St. Regis in Paris (also known as the Palais de Justice) with a total reported $1bn in rents16.

The Alhambra in Madrid with a listed $1b in rents17.

The Hilton in Chicago with a declared $1 million in rents18.

The Hyatt Regency in Los Angeles with a whopping $1m in rents19.

The Waldorf Astoria in New York with a registered $1million in rent20.

The Coronado Hotel in Las Maravillas with a current $1billion in rental21.

The Crenshaw in Los Vegas with estimated $750 million in annual rental22.

The Four Seasons in Los Feliz with a report of $637 million in yearly rent23.

The Beverly Hills Hotel in Burbank, California at a $636 million in annually rent24.

The Peninsula in San Francisco with a estimated $610 million in monthly rental25.

The Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City with a figure of $605 million26.

The Sheraton in New Orleans with a recorded $575 million27.

The Mandarin Oriental in Beijing at a claimed annual rental figure of around $600 million28.

The Taj Mahi in Singapore with a likely $500 million in total rent.29.

The Royal Balinese Hotel in New Delhi with a supposedly $375 million rental30.

The Boulogne-Billancourt in Paris having a claimed rental figure in excess of $350 million31.

The Savoy in Paris and the Seine-Saint-Denis having a reported rent figure of over $350m32.

The Palazzo della Pergola in Florence having a rent figure in the region of $300 million33.

The Balmoral in London having a recorded annual rent of around £300 million34.

The Pompidou in Paris claiming a claimed rent figure between £300m and £500m35.

The Grosvenor in London claiming a reported rental figure between $300m to £500million36.

The Regency Hotel in London with a number of reported rental figures ranging between £200 million to £300million37.

The Lido in Rome claiming a rental figure over $200m38.

The Chateau Marmont in Paris experiencing a reported average monthly rental of £140,00039.

The Hampton Court in New Brunswick, Canada having a registered annual rent figure ranging between $100 million and $150 million40.

The Tivoli in Paris being a reported reported annual rent value of $100million41.

The Palace Hotel in Paris hosting a reported number of annual rental claims ranging between €100 million to €200 million42.

The King Charles in London hosting a rental claim of over €200m43. The Westin