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Which of the Rugs from The New York Times Magazine’s Best Rugs in 2016 Is Your Favorite?

The New Yorkers have a lot of fabulous designer rugs to choose from.

Here are the best rugs from the Times Magazine of 2017.1.

The Rugs of The Ritz by Michael Kors1.

Bella Marie and the Ritz-Carlton Hotel2.

Cameo Room by Noktoki3.

Brunswick’s Rugs4.

Dove Dior by Versace5.

Coffee Shop by Marc Jacobs6.

Pinegrove Suite by Versaclean7.

Pompano Beach Suite by Nautilus8.

Villa Mango Suite by Saks Fifth Avenue9.

Vintage Room by Chanel10.

Drake Suite by Marc Anthony11.

Velvet by Giorgio Armani12.

Vanity by L’Oréal13.

Nancy Drew Suite by Chanels14.

Rosa and the Blue Room by Prada15.

Museum Room by Jil Sander16.

Hipster Suite by Calvin Klein17.

The Pools by Gucci18.

Studio Suite by Dolce & Gabbana19.

Dress Room by Calvin Harris20.

Viva La Vida by Louis Vuitton21.

Boutique Rugs by The New Yorker22.

Hollywood Suite by GQ23.

Pajama by Versacy24.

Ricoh Studio by Louis and the Big Cheese25.

Rocker Room by Michael J. Fox26.

Boulevard Suite by Michael Jordan27.

The Studio Suite by Louis C.K.28.

The Lounge Room by Nick Jonas29.

Renaissance Suite by Guerrillero30.

The Dior Suite by Celine Dion31.

Studio Rugs By The Biggest Label of the 21st Century32.

Hudson Room by Balenciaga33.

Dorothy Room by Guinevere34.

Garden Suite by David Beckham35.

Rococo Suite by J. Crew36.

The Venetian Room by César Domingo37.

Studio-style Suite by Alexander Wang38.

Dior Studio by Jean-Michel Basquiat39.

Doral Studio by Balmain40.

Studio Sip Room by Armanni41.

Studio Lullaby by Louis XIV42.

Studio Dior Room by Louis XVIII43.

Studio Grand Suite by Balmorhea44.

Studio Villa by Guipuzco45.

Studio Studio by Alexander McQueen46.

Studio Room by Alexander Calder47.

Studio Suites by Chanelle48.

Studio Pajama Room by Lauren of Austria49.

Studio Lounge by Calvin Brooks50.

Studio Venetians by Calvin and Hobbes51.

Studio Coupe by Calvin Alexander52.

Studio Bedroom by Calvin Beckham53.

Studio Chairs by Calvin Kleiner54.

Studio Piano Room by David Bowie55.

Studio Cabinet by Calvin Louboutin56.

Studio Bar by Calvin Newton57.

Studio Bathroom by Charles Schulz58.

Studio Shower by Charles Dickens59.

Studio Stove by Calvin Thomas60.

Studio Wall by Calvin Wessex61.

Studio Chair by Charles Mingus62.

Studio Pool by Calvin Williams63.

Studio Bench by Calvin Stevens64.

Studio Vanity by Calvin Voisin65.

Studio Lamp by Calvin Woodstock66.

Studio Dresser by Calvin Wang67.

Studio Coffee Table by Calvin Pollard68.

Studio Mirror by Calvin White69.

Studio Door by Calvin Wilkes70.

Studio Table by David and Goliath71.

Studio Plate by David Copperfield72.

Studio Stand by David Crosby73.

Studio Casket by David Hockney74.

Studio Wristwatch by David Seltzer75.

Studio Chandelier by David Fincher76.

Studio Monitor by David Gans77.

Studio Floor Lamp by David Goldwyn78.

Studio Pillow by David Letterman79.

Studio Desk by David Maraniss80.

Studio Cupboard by David Niven81.

Studio Couch by David Spade82.

Studio Rug by David Steinberg83.

Studio Curtain by David Whitehead84.

Studio Bookcase by David Zwirner85.

Studio TV by David Zucker86.

Studio Window by David Wright87.

Studio Mirrors by David Wojnarowski88.

Studio Clock by David Wolff89.

Studio Garden Chair by David Woo90.

Studio Lawn Chair by Ed Hardy91.

Studio Kitchen Cabinet by Eliza Doolittle92.

Studio Balcony by Elizabeth Hurley93.

Studio Portrait by Eloise DePasquale94.

Studio Beach Chair by Emily Dickinson95.

Studio Screen by Emily Newton96.

Studio Seagull by Emily Simms97.

Studio House by Elinor Ostrom98.

Studio Cabin by Elizabeth Olsen99.

Studio Sand Castle by Emily St. John Mandel100.

Studio Tree by Emily Wallis