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How to find the best places to eat in Utah

The best places for dinner are becoming more and more prevalent across the state.

Utah has more than 1,200 restaurants.

But many of them are located in places like Cedar City, which hosts several of the best restaurants in the state, and the city of Draper, home to some of the state’s most renowned restaurants.

“The place to be in Utah is at the top of the food chain,” said Scott Gaffney, executive director of the Utah Restaurant Association.

He said there are more than 40 dining venues throughout the state that cater to the dining tastes of Utahns.

He also noted that Salt Lake City is home to many of the region’s best restaurants, while Provo and Provo-Clearfield are home to several.

“There’s a lot of opportunity to grow and be more competitive in that market,” Gaffsey said.

One of the top 10 dining destinations in Utah, however, is Salt Lake, where the Salt Lake Restaurant Association (SLRA) is hosting its fourth annual Salt Lake restaurant competition.

The event takes place each year in downtown Salt Lake.

The competition, hosted by SLRA, seeks to determine which restaurants are best for a family of four, a college student, or someone who’s looking for a unique dining experience.

The top 10 finalists will then compete to win the SLRA Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce’s prestigious Salt Lake County Restaurant Award.

The awards are given to restaurants that provide exceptional food and service to customers, and are nominated for the prestigious Salt-Lake Chamber of Business’ Restaurant of the Year Award.

Gaffey said the competition is not just a competition between restaurants.

It’s also about competition among restaurant owners and restaurateurs.

“If we can have an industry that’s focused on providing the best service and quality food for people to enjoy, we can really help make this market a better place,” he said.

The SLRA competition will be held on February 6-7 at the Salt River Pavilion in Salt Lake and will include over 300 restaurants.