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How to Make an Eye-Blank Tote Bag for the Holidays

I can’t believe I haven’t done something like this before.

My mum’s been wearing eye-blanks and I’ve been wearing blanks for the past six months.

The blanks were created by a local woman, the same woman who made the eye-blank teddy bear I bought when I was 12.

I started to think: what if I could make a bag for the holidays that had the same style and look as a traditional teddy?

I’ve got a lot of ideas, but I haven ‘t decided on anything yet.

First, I need to figure out how I’m going to attach the bags to the teddy.

What I need is a way to attach them to the top of the teddies, so the blanks don’t get in the way.

I’ll have to figure that out on the day of my visit.

The key to the bag’s look is to make it light and easy to carry.

It needs to be durable and lightweight, which is something that I don’t really think about too much.

A bag that I think looks like a teddy, but with the eyes of a cat, would be perfect for the trolley.

With all of these things in mind, I thought: what would the perfect teddy look like?

And it’s all about the eye blanks.

They’re cute, but also really practical.

Blanks are simple, simple shapes.

They don’t have to be super elaborate.

When I made my teddys, I made them to look like teddy bears and not teddy babies.

So I wanted something that looked more like a traditional mitten.

Once I got my ideas down, I started to sketch out the details.

To do that, I needed to start with the shape of the eye.

I wanted to make the eye to be very square.

For the design, I wanted it to be a square with a rounded tip and a small hole in the middle.

Then, I decided to have the eye shape curved up a little bit, which would make it look like a kitten.

This is where I needed a pattern.

I started by making a pattern using a simple pencil.

And finally, I cut out the eye and put it on the tester.

As I’m sewing on the eye, I found I liked the shape more.

Because the eyes are rounded, I felt like the design would fit my teddy very nicely.

But I think the design is a bit too square.

I’m not too sure how I would like to hold the bag, but the eye could be very useful as a necktie.

That’s where I decided I would use the eye as a little pocket for my phone, which I have an extra-large one for.

Now that I have a design in mind for the bag and a rough sketch, I’ve started to work on the details of the bag.

After finishing my pencil sketch, the first thing I did was to attach it to the inside of the Teddys teddy.

How I made the eyes: A pencil sketch