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What does the new Paisley Grace boutique look like?

Here’s a look at the new boutique in the heart of Sydney’s CBD.

Photo: Paul Rovere / The West Australian The new Paisely Grace boutique will be situated on the corner of Main Street and Boggs Street, next to the iconic Paiseley Grace bakery.

It’s set to open this week.

The new Paisays Grace boutique at Main and Brawn streets.

Photo : Paul Rourke The brand is expected to feature a range of new styles of dresses and skirts, including a number of modern takeovers, which are set to be unveiled later this year.

A selection of dresses, skirts and tops are expected to be on display, including the Paisaley Grace collection.

The brand will also be selling a number and sizes of accessories.

More to come.

For more on the new luxury boutique, including what it will offer, check out the West Australian’s story here.

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