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When a Paisley Grace boutique turns into a porn store, its owner says

The Paisleys are known for their sexy clothing, but for some, the company has a very different sensibility.

In fact, the owner of a Paisan Grace boutique in the heart of West Philadelphia says she had no idea what to expect when she opened the boutique in late November.

“When I opened it, I was shocked.

I knew that it was a store that was really just about sex,” said Ashley Gifford, the co-owner of Paisan Rose, which opened in January at the corner of North and Market Streets.

“We were really focused on making it a boutique that would have all the best, hottest lingerie and all the sexiest clothing that you could possibly find.”

Gifford’s store was the first of its kind in the city, but it’s not the only one.

In addition to Paisan’s own shop, several other Paisan stores have opened in Philadelphia in recent years.

There’s a lingerie boutique at North and North Market Streets, and a sex boutique at the former Sears location on Market Street.

Giffords said she has had a couple of women come in, ask to borrow her lingerie, and then take the lingerie back.

She also has a few clients who ask for it.

“It’s a little bit different, because we’re selling clothes,” Giffords told the Philadelphia Inquirer.

“I’ve had some women come to me and say, ‘I want to go to my room and have sex with you.

I want to wear my lingerie on the bed with you.'”

Giffards said she’s seen the demand from the Paisan customers, and they’re very willing to spend money on lingerie.

“Some people are really into it.

They really want to do it.

And then I have some customers that are like, ‘OK, I’m not buying it, but I can do it,’ and they want to have sex in there,” she said.

Grier says the demand has driven down prices.

“It’s really kind of fun to make sure we don’t make any mistakes, because I’ve had a lot of clients come in and say they’ve had sex with me.

I really appreciate that.

That’s what we’re all about.”

Grier has opened Paisan at other locations across the country, but this store is her first in the Philadelphia area.

Giffiths first store was in the District of Columbia, and she plans to open a second in New York City later this year.

Gifords has also started a Twitter account to make people aware of the Paislings’ presence in the area.

“The Paisan boutique is a little weird,” Giffin told the Inquireer.

“But it’s really cool, and people really appreciate it.”