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Bratt, the Pulse, boutique are on fire

The pulse boutique is on fire after opening in late January.

The boutique is located in the heart of downtown, near the University of Missouri-Columbia campus.

(Photo: The Pulse, The Pulse of Kansas City)The boutique is owned by the Pritchard family.

It’s a place where customers can relax and meet people.

It has a small kitchen and an indoor patio, and there are tables and chairs for people to sit and relax, said Bratt owner Katie Bratt.

It’s a little bit more intimate than most of our stores, but it’s a very special place for the family and we think it’s going to be a success,” Bratt said.

The boutique was named after the pulse, the heart and the blue in the white fox, a color the Pitsons love.

They want people to feel that connection, she said.

The Pitson family bought the store from a former owner who didn’t have enough time to open it.

They want to make sure that people will feel comfortable walking through the store, not just the doors, she added.

The pulse boutique was a gift from Bratt to her family and friends, said owner Bratt’s husband, Mike Pritchard.

The store opened in late December and is now a destination for people who come here to have fun.

The family says people will have a great time in the pulse boutique.

Bratt said she has received a lot of positive feedback from people, and she wants to make the pulse experience more popular.

She has seen a lot more people come in after visiting the store and said she wants the community to know that people can come in and enjoy a good time with the pulse.

People are really interested in going there, so we just want to keep the pulse feeling good, she told The Pulse.

The Pulse is a news service covering Kansas City, Kansas, and the Kansas-Missouri border.

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