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What to see and do in Washington’s new boutique and opulent home market

The home of a young billionaire is undergoing an upgrade, as an upscale boutique and a posh opulent condominium tower rise in the heart of downtown Washington.

The new luxury home, which is set to be the most expensive on the market, will feature a full kitchen and dining area, marble flooring, glass doors and a rooftop terrace.

It will also feature a fully equipped fitness center and an indoor swimming pool.

The property at the corner of 17th and C Streets NW, on a stretch of Capitol Hill known for its high-end shops, restaurants and bars, is expected to be sold in the first half of 2018.

The project will be completed by late 2019.

The project was first announced by the developer, New Century Group, and its developer, Realtor.

The development is part of the “Pinnacle of Washington,” a $3.8 billion redevelopment effort spearheaded by the Metropolitan Washington Council, the Metropolitan Police Department and the city of Washington.

This is a developing story.

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