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The world’s cheapest burger at Burger King (for now)

A couple of years ago, I was at the Burger King in Toronto when I walked in.

My meal was one of their best, which was always an indicator of what the burger was, but they did offer it with cheese, onions, tomato and pickles on the side.

But then I noticed that they did not serve it with pickles.

“Pickles don’t count as fries,” I thought.

They did not offer it as a side dish.

I looked at the menu and noticed that the lettuce was cooked and served with pickle chips.

I didn’t understand why they would offer pickles but not lettuce.

I was a little confused.

I asked for a list of ingredients, and I was told that they only serve a vegetarian version.

So I ordered the veggie burger, but it was not vegan.

The burger was not the best burger I have had in Toronto.

It was slightly salty and the bun was very chewy.

It did not taste like the burger that I had at Burger Kings in London or at other restaurants in the city.

The bun was also a little mushy.

It also did not have the crispness of the burger at a burger joint in New York City.

The Burger King burger at the corner of Yonge Street and Lawrence Avenue in Toronto has been around for a long time and was probably made by a chain.

It is available in the most popular locations in the Toronto area.

There is a big selection of different types of burgers, including the vegan version.

But I found the veg version to be a bit better than the other options.

The veg burger was made with two ingredients, lettuce, tomato, pickle and onion.

I chose the vegan burger because it was so easy to prepare and the vegg burger had a bit more flavour.

I had no problems with the texture of the veggy burger.

It looked very fresh and was a good value.

But if you want a burger with all the ingredients at your disposal, this is not it.

My next order was for a side.

The vegan burger came with a side of fries, but the vego burger did not.

I wanted a good burger with a lot of flavour, so I ordered a second one.

I did not want to order a second veggie bun as it was just too much for my tummy.

So the veger burger was a definite winner.

It comes with a fried egg, and it is so good.

I am a vegetarian and the burger comes with lots of cheese, which is great for my taste buds.

The pickle is a real winner, too.

The chipotle pepper on the vegger burger was just perfect, and the pickle sauce was also great.

I also enjoyed the fried egg on the vegan bun.

The vegetarian burger comes in two different flavours.

The one with the pickles comes with grilled onions, cheese, tomato sauce, pickles, pickled green onions and pickled cilantro.

The second burger comes at a higher price.

It has pickles and cheese and is also a bit salty.

The burgers come with a small portion of pickles that is only available in a vegetarian burger.

The two flavours are more expensive than the veggies, so it is definitely a good choice if you are looking for a veggie-only burger.

If you are a vegetarian, I recommend the vegan version.

You will not regret it.

The menu and price can be found here.