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‘I want to go back to my roots’: A Christian mother’s life in a world of ‘faith tourism’

A mother of three from a small town in central Georgia has told CNN her religion was her life.

Her story of faith-based family support has helped inspire many to find their way back to their roots.

Her mother, Katelynn Fisk, told CNN that her faith made it possible for her to live her life in peace.

“I don’t believe in the Bible.

I’m not a believer,” she said.

“I don.

I don’t know.

I just believe.”

Fisk’s mother, who asked to remain anonymous for her own safety, came to Georgia when she was five years old.

Fisk said her mother, along with her sisters and brothers, began attending Christian schools at the age of 12.

She said they were the only ones who could afford to go to school in Atlanta.

“They taught us the Bible, the Ten Commandments and all the rest of it, which I didn’t know, so I wanted to go and see them,” she explained.

“That’s where we got all our education.”

The Fisk family, a Christian family, is still living at the same house, but the family moved to a more traditional Christian home in 2013.

They have a daughter who attends a different school.

Katelynn, a mother of two, is now a certified Christian teacher.

She has taught her students Bible study, Bible history, Bible study lessons and has encouraged them to learn more about faith.

Katerina, who has a PhD in English, has also begun to become more of a mentor to her children.

She also teaches them the importance of faith in life.

“You have to love the person, you have to be grateful to God, you can’t live your life like a fool.

You have to have faith in the goodness and love of God,” she told CNN.

“There’s no reason to believe anything.”

The mother, a nurse and the other women in the family have worked together for years, but this year, they decided to take a step back.

They stopped teaching the students at their primary school.

“We wanted to see where we were going to be in a few years,” Fisk explained.

She and her two daughters are now working as missionaries.

“What’s amazing is that this is my second year as a missionary,” she added.

“We were a very small family, we were very poor.

And we just thought that if we were able to do something about it, we’d be able to get out of this poverty.”

The sisters have all been working together for the past two years to bring the school back to life.

Katelyn said the sisters are now the “super-support” they needed to bring their students back to school.

Their mother said the girls were very enthusiastic about their work, but they had a hard time finding the resources they needed.

“So I decided that I would give them my blessing,” she recalled.

“So, I gave them a little bit of money, but not too much.

I said I would have a blessing on the work, and I would also have a little time for them to come up with some money, and then I would be very grateful.”

The work is a large part of the family’s mission.

“It’s really the faith that’s really important, I think, to them,” Katelyns mother said.