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How to dress as a buzzy boutique

With her new line of buzzy fashion accessories, boutique darling Sarah Paulson is not only embracing the trend, she is also trying to make it even more fun.

The 19-year-old designer has released her first line of chic jewelry, called The Black Label, a line of colorful, handmade jewelry made with natural fibers that looks like the fabric of your favorite purse or dress.

The jewelry is available for purchase in stores and online at Paulson.com, as well as online at her personal boutique, Sarah Pauls, which is located in her hometown of Toronto.

In addition to her jewelry, Paulson’s clothing line features a range of accessories for her fans.

“The Black Label is the most fun thing I’ve ever done,” Paulson told The Huffington Posts in an interview last week.

“I really love doing the things that I love to do, and I’m happy to be able to take them out on people.

And I’m also really excited about my personal brand.

The Black LABEL, it’s my personal name, and it has nothing to do with my brand.”

Paulson said the inspiration for the jewelry came after she saw a post on her Instagram account that read, “I got a really awesome gift for a fan that is totally obsessed with me.”

When she realized the person in question was also obsessed with the fashion world, Pauls decided to put the pieces together for her own collection.

The pieces are crafted from natural fibers like cotton, silk, and bamboo.

She also used recycled material in the design, and is encouraging other designers to follow her lead.

The Black LAGEL is inspired by the Black Label jewelry line, which Paulson says has inspired thousands of fans around the world.

“I think that the Black LAGE is just another way to connect to this fandom,” she said.

“It’s like, ‘Hey, let’s do this, let me know if you want to buy one.'”

Paulson says she is working on her own line of jewelry and accessories for the brand, which will debut in November.

She said the first collection is being designed and will include a line featuring handmade, hand-stitched, and vintage accessories.

Paulson is hoping to launch the brand with other fashion designers and brands that will help her expand her fanbase and reach more people in the fashion industry.

Sarah Paulson at a New York Fashion Week show.

Photo courtesy of Sarah Paulmans website, SarahPauls.com Sarah Paulsen is one of the most popular stars in the pop culture world.

The former model and actress was the subject of a recent documentary that explored her meteoric rise and fall as one of America’s most popular models.

She is a frequent guest on “Celebrity Apprentice,” as well an executive producer of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” and has a recurring role on “Saturday Night Live.”

Paulsen is not alone in embracing the new trend.

In 2017, the British fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent created a line called The White LABELS.

It features hand-crafted and vintage jewelry, handbags, and handbags made of organic materials, all made from organic cotton, bamboo, and recycled materials.

Although she has yet to release a line that she thinks will be a hit, Paulsen told The Washington Post last year that she is currently working on a collection for her fan base.

While Paulson has already garnered praise for her clothing line, Paul’s new jewelry line will also be available at her store, Sarah’s, in Canada.

You can read more about the new collection at The Huffington States, SarahParks.com and SarahPaulmans.com.