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How to shop online for luxury brands

One of the main reasons I started looking at fashion brands in the first place was because of the high price tag.

The brand that inspired me to dive into the world of online shopping was Bippity Boppity.

The quirky fashion brand’s aesthetic is rooted in the 1920s and was a bit of a wild ride from the beginning.

Its first line, the Bippit Bop, has its roots in the 1930s and remains a fashion classic today.

The Bippitable Bop range is all about making you feel like you’re at a party.

And, it’s really easy to get into the spirit.

Here are seven of my favourite Bippits.


A.P.C.B.S. Clothing boutique,Soho,Somerville,Mass. 

Source:  FourFourtwo  Two of the biggest brands I’ve found on the internet for luxury clothing are A. P.C., a brand founded by a fashion designer who went on to become one of the most influential designers in fashion, and Somerville, the second-oldest fashion house in the United States, which is also the oldest in the world.

I love the simplicity of their design and they have everything from super comfy, minimal and ultra-formal pieces to stylish, tailored suits and coats.

The online stores are full of stylish pieces, so if you’re looking for a different look, A. p.c. is the place to be.

A place to make your mark.


Ralph Lauren, Alfred-Arye ,New York, United States Source