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How to Play With Prism & Playtime’s new toys

Playtime, a specialty toy company based in San Francisco, is bringing two of its most popular toys to the market: a Prism toy, and a Playtime toy that allows kids to explore and explore.

Playtime says it’s making both toys available to select retailers in the United States and Canada this week. 

The Prism is the first of its kind in the toy world.

Prism is a playtime toy based on the popular cartoon character and its toy, Playtime: A Time for Play, comes with a toy-sized doll with a rotating face and three heads, which players can move and pose.

The Prism, which is available at select toy retailers in Canada, will be available in stores in the U.S. on August 18.

The Playtime is a similar toy, but is more of a kids’ activity toy. 

“Playtime brings children and families together and has the power to enrich the lives of all involved,” Playtime CEO and founder Kristy Babb says in a statement. 

For the Prism, the company’s team developed a new, more durable and waterproof material that it’s used in the toys to keep the toys safe and waterproof. 

This is the third toy the company is bringing to the toy market this year.

The first is a small, black toy called the Dapper Doll, which was announced in July and is currently available at some toy retailers and online retailers.

The second is the Prism Tickle, which comes in a variety of colors and has a new face with a more vibrant design and a different color to match the Prism’s design. 

Both toys feature the Prism brand and are available at Playtime stores and online, while the Prism Dapper doll will also be available at retail stores. 

These new toys are just the beginning.

Playlife will soon be adding more toys in its lineup, which will include toys for children ages 8-12.

The company says the Prism and Playtime will be a “part of a brand-new line” and is hoping to introduce more toys as it grows its offerings. 

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